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Speed up turnaround times and deliver value added services

TravelLinck enables Travel Agencies to meet the needs of their clients, by simplifying the booking, payment and reconciliation processes. We also ensure that they can be integrated into the requisition systems of their customers, thereby ensuring that any work they do is based on a pre-authorised request.

During the booking process, we provide a simultaneous search across GDS and non-GDS content and handle both public and private rates. This enables the agency to rapidly determine the most appropriate travel arrangements for their customers, taking into account their requirements for cost savings, flexibility and so on. TravelLinck’s user-friendly interface reduces the skills requirement for the bulk of travel requests, freeing up senior consultants to focus on value added services where they can truly distinguish themselves from their competition.

TravelLinck’s real-time pre-trip reporting improves internal agency management and can also be passed on as a value-added service to customers. Our innovative payment and reconciliation technologies further streamline admin processes.

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