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Drive cost savings to a new level
‘The enhanced focus on data has enabled us to improve traveller behaviour, through identification of excessive spend. We are able to assess performance at the following levels: traveller, cost centre, business unit, travel booker and travel approver. The benefits speak for themselves.’ R Mann – Old Mutual: Group Procurement
Travel spend ranks as the 2nd largest controllable expenditure for corporates. TravelLinck enables corporates to gain control and achieve substantial cost savings through the manner in which they pre-authorise, book, pay, reconcile and manage their travel spend. The corporate owns their data and is not subject to the delayed reporting and lack of transparency that often plagues traditional approaches to travel management.

Corporates are able to determine whether they wish to use TravelLinck in a self-help manner or via a travel management company (TMC). With either approach, the corporate remains in control of the TMC involvement. They can therefore choose the areas where they will pay for 3rd party outsourced services and those where they will in-source that responsibility. Our user friendly travel booking and payment interface means that non-expert users are able to simultaneously search across GDS and non-GDS travel content at both corporate and public rates. This facilitates the selection of the most suitable option and drives home cost savings and policy.
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